A Bed & Breakfast for People Who Dont Like Bed & Breakfasts. We know the feeling: the hovering innkeeper, the forced conversation at breakfast, the doilies and faded family photos. You wont find any of these at the Adobe. Just simple beauty, quiet, independence, and privacy. Our self-serve breakfast in the morning allows you to decide when to eat and who you want to talk to (or not talk to). Ten Reasons to Stay at the Adobe on Green Street 1. Location. If youre planning a visit to Santa Cruz, make sure to choose lodging that is in town, not far from restaurants, shops and cafes. The Adobe is three blocks from downtown. rates the Adobe a "Walkers Paradise" with a score of 100 out of 100, the highest rating of any hotel, motel, inn or B&B in Santa Cruz. 2. Quiet Rooms. A persistent problem for small inns and hotels is thin walls. Most walls here are 17 inch thick adobe and our bedrooms dont share a common wall with one another. Its popular these days for hotels to have a mini fridge in the room. Nice idea, but it puts a noisy appliance in your room that hums all night. We have a big kitchen refrigerator that you can use so your room is quiet. 3. Comfort. Up to half of your time spent at the Adobe will be in bed. Thats why every room features hand-made natural latex pillow-top beds. Spend one night in these beds and you wont want to leave. We also use high thread count cotton linens and blankets. We dont sleep on polyester, why should you? 4. Cleanliness. We spend a lot of time at the Adobe working on maintenance and thorough cleaning. We show our respect to you by making sure your room is clean and perfectly prepared. 5. Beauty. Of course, were a little biased, but the Adobe and its setting are beautiful, simple, elegant, clean and tasteful. Surrounded by gardens, the views out every window are lovely. Many of our guests call the Adobe romantic. 6. Privacy & Flexibility. Were not the kind of place where the innkeeper hovers over you and observes your every move. We respect your privacy and allow you to have your independence. This is what we prefer when we travel and we have made it a priority here. 7. Wifi, Parking & Plugs. We have a free wifi and off-street parking. Places to plug things in is a pet peeve of ours when we travel. Most hotels are stingy with their electric outlets. Where are we supposed to plug in our phone, camera, iPod, iPad? At the Adobe we guarantee six accessible easy to reach plugs in each room. 8. Sustainability. We are all learning to use resources more wisely. Eighty percent of our electricity is generated with solar panels on our roof. Our solar system avoids 6 tons of carbon dioxide in the air each year. We also use those panels to power our electric vehicle charging station. We make our own natural cleaning solution and use it throughout the inn. 9. No Minimum Stay. Come for one night if you wish. There is never a minimum stay at the Adobe ever. Even during holidays. 10. Published Rates and Good Value. Its popular now to quote rates only after you have input the dates of your stay. Inn rates often fluxuate with demand. Our rates are published right on our rooms page and are generally 10-20% below other quality inns in Santa Cruz.


Address: 103 Green Street

City: Santa Cruz

State: (California) CA

Postal Zip Code:

Country: USA


Innkeeper: Brion

Phone: 1 831 469-9866