White Hart Inn Salisbury CT 

The White Hart Inn with its beautiful rooms and fantastic restaurant. We almost always have at least one dish for two on the Dining Room menu. We love everything about a dish for two: the spirit of sharing, heartiness, and the chance to show off larger cuts or whole animals.

Few things are as comforting as a roast chicken. Here is ours, which we made with a DArtagnan chicken that the New York Times called "the most pampered chickens on the planet." Thats because they are fed on the scraps from some very elegant restaurants. Edsel Ford once owned

The White Hart at 15 Undermountain Road Salisbury CT 1 (860) 435-0030


Address: 15 Undermountain Road

City: Salisbury

State: (Connecticut) CT

Postal Zip Code: 06068

Country: USA


Innkeeper: Chef Annie Wayte

Phone: 1 (860) 435-0030