Milliken House Eastport Maine located on Moose Island, connected by causeway to the mainland. In the middle 19th century it vied with New York City as the busiest port on the east coast. Though those days of the tall ships are gone forever, the harbor is still busy with shipping and fishing boats. Whale watching and historic walking tours number among the unique recreational opportunities available to visitors. Local attractions and events include whale watching and deep see fishing on Passamaquoddy Bay, Campobello Island, Roosevelts "Summer Cottage", Old Sow Whirlpool, Reversing Falls, Old Home Week Fourth of July celebration, the Pirate Festival and the Salmon Festival. The Milliken House Bed and Breakfast offers elegant accommodations and a restful, comfortable B&B atmosphere. Guests may enjoy a complimentary glass of port or sherry in the large double living room, containing two marble fireplaces where there is cable television, board games, and a fire on coldish days. There are six guest rooms. Visit Milliken House Bed and Breakfast.


Located on Moose Island and conveniently connected to the mainland via causeways, Milliken House Bed and Breakfast offers guests a unique escape complete with all of the scenic views and recreation of the North Atlantic. Renowned for its deep-sea fishing, whale-watches, and once one of the nation’s busiest shipping centers, Passamaquoddy Bay has long been a focal point for America’s best and brightest, attracting such notable residents as the Roosevelt’s, drawn here by Eastport, Maine’s tranquility and splendor.


Address: 29 Washington Street

City: Eastport

State: (Maine) ME

Postal Zip Code: 04631

Country: USA


Innkeeper: Bill and Mary Williams

Toll Free: 1 (888) 507-9370

Phone: 1 (207) 853-4870