The Scotlaur Inn offers ten beautifully decorated, old-fashioned guest rooms. Located in Annapolis and being the most famous city for being the Sailing Capital of the World. We take pride in serving over 3 generations of families. All rooms have private baths, Cable TVs some with DVD players, telephones, air conditioning and include breakfast. We have wireless internet. Right around the corner is the United States Naval Academy.

Our 10 beautifully decorated guest rooms offer the look and feel of the early 1900's. All 10 rooms have Private Baths, Color TVs, Telephones, Wireless Internet Access and Air Conditioning.

SCOTLAUR INN, THE PERFECT LOCATION. The best in Annapolis. We are in the center of all the shopping & Only a couple of hundred yards from the City Dock, Naval Academy, State House, St. Johns College, City Hall & what every else you need for Business or Pleasure. You don't need a car when staying at the Scotlaur Inn. You can walk everywhere.

Directions from Baltimore-Washington International Airport

    Start out going Southeast on FRIENDSHIP RD towards RETURN TO TERMINAL. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
    Stay straight to go onto DEPARTURES. [Distance 0.0miles (0.1km)]
    Stay straight to go onto AIRPORT EXIT. [Distance 0.2miles (0.4km)]
    Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto I-195 West . [Distance 0.3miles (0.6km)]
    Take the MD-170 RAMP towards I-97/ANNAPOLIS, BAY BRIDGE. [Distance 0.1 miles (0.2km)]
    Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
    Turn RIGHT onto AVIATION BLVD/SR-170 North. [Distance 1.1miles (1.7km)]
    AVIATION BLVD/SR-170 North becomes AVIATION BLVD/SR-162 South. [Distance 2.3miles (3.7km)]
    Turn LEFT onto DORSEY RD/SR-176 East. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
    Take the I-97 South/MD-3 South ramp towards ANNAPOLIS/BAY BRIDGE. [Distance 0.1miles (0.1km)]
    Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
    Merge onto I-97 South. [Distance 14.6miles (23.5km)]
    Take the EXIT on the LEFT. [Distance 0.3miles (0.5km)]
    Take the US-50 East/US-301 North ramp towards ANNAPOLIS/BAY BRIDGE. [Distance 0.3miles (0.4km)]
    Merge onto US-50 East/US-301 North. [Distance 2.4miles (3.8km)]
    Take the MD-70/ROWE BLVD Exit, EXIT NUMBER 24, Towards BESTGATE RD/ANNAPOLIS. [Distance 0.2miles (0.4km)]
    Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. [Distance 0.3miles (0.5km)]
    Merge onto ROWE BLVD/SR-70 East. [Distance 1.0miles (1.7km)]
    Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ROWE BLVD. [Distance 0.2miles (0.3km)]
    Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto NORTHWEST ST. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
    Turn RIGHT onto CHURCH CIRCLE. [Distance 0.1miles (0.1km)]
    Turn RIGHT onto DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST. [Distance 0.2miles (0.4km)]
    Turn LEFT onto GREEN ST. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
    Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]

    TOTAL DISTANCE : 24.6 Miles (39.5 km)


Address: 165 Main Street

City: Annapolis

State: (Maryland) MD

Postal Zip Code: 21401

Country: USA


Innkeeper: Ted and Beth

Phone: 1(410) 268-5665