All rooms at the Quill & Quilt have a private attached bathroom with a whirlpool tub, fireplace, air-conditioning, coffee maker, Cable TV & DVD player. And you can always expect your room to have quality supplies and amenities, be clean and safe, and to enjoy plenty of privacy. The Bed and Breakfast is equipped with its own Spa Suite offering full body massage and other spa services for couples or individuals. Experience the ultimate in relaxation without leaving the Bed and Breakfast with this unique feature! We are located near the center of Cannon Falls, MN. And your room is the perfect place to return after a walk by the Cannon River, falls and swan pond; a relaxing visit to The Cannon River Winery; or a lovely bike ride along the beautiful Cannon Valley Trail. Breakfast is both hearty & fresh, and made using about 70% locally produced ingredients. We strive to serve you a variety of tasty and creative menu items, inspired by the traditional breakfast table. The result is a seasonally rotated menu that includes creations based on fluffy baked egg dishes, seasonal fruit, breakfast meats, and homemade pastries – always served up with plenty of fresh ground coffee! We utilize sustainable, locally produced, and organic products as much as possible. This includes roughly 60% of all breakfast ingredients, and 80% of guest supplies in the guest rooms. Our electricity is 100% wind produced. All natural, plant based cleaning products are used for cleaning, laundry and some other supplies. Filtered water is always available and we avoid use of plastic containers, recycling any that are used. You can read all about our green policy here: Green Policy. The Quill & Quilt is equipped with a private massage & spa suite, which is a private room within the house. All services are made by appointment only. Since massage and spa services are not in your guest room, the guest room is fully available to your traveling companion at all times. (Click on this link for pricing & information on packages: Massage / Spa Page ). * Arranging for massage services during your visit is easy. When you make your reservation, choose “Spa Services” which is listed under enhancements. Our spa director (Marci French) will contact you to arrange the details as to when and which services. She will also assist you in designing a luxurious and rejuvenating spa package to suit your needs and can answer any questions regarding this service. Fees for spa/massage are a separate transaction unless included as part of a complete stay package offered by The Quill and Quilt.


Address: 615 Hoffman St W

City: Cannon Falls

State: (Minnesota) MN

Postal Zip Code:

Country: USA


Innkeeper: Polly and Matt

Phone: 1 (507) 721-1622